Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Murder Mystery Packages

There is something intriguing about murder mysteries that people seek them out. There are different styles of murder mysteries that you can attend. Some larger hotels and restaurants will bring in professional actors and actresses to perform for you while you eat your meal. At the end of the program you can guess "who dun it" and some times there are prizes and awards. Some larger establishments also have interactive murder mysteries where you can walk around and question the characters/professional actors about what they have done and where they have been. For the people who really want to experience a murder mystery you can find one where you get to be an actor/actress. Some B&B's set up murder mysteries that are great for beginners because they are facilitated and tell you when to ask questions and when to reveal clues. Prior to your arrival you will receive your character name, character description and a costume suggestion so that you can have fun preparing for the character that you will portray. These murder mysteries usually involve food and beverage that is served in between the various stages/rounds of the murder mystery. Murder mysteries come in all sorts of themes from weddings to wineries to destinations like Denver or Hawaii. Be sure to search for the kind of murder mystery that appeals to you. This article was written by Carol Steffey from Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast.

Wine in Amish Country?

While Holmes County Ohio and the surrounding area may be home to the World's largest Amish Community, it is also home to some great wineries! For people who are not really wine drinkers you will find places like Swiss Heritage Winery or Silver Moon to have sweeter wines that are more enjoyable to new wine drinkers. For the "wine snobs" who prefer a more dry wine you will really enjoy Ravens Glenn Winery and the Winery at Perennial Vineyards. Ravens Glenn is located on the Tuscarawas River across from a golf course and has an on-site Italian restaurant with a great view and fabulous food. The Winery at Perennial Vineyards is set in an old barn from the 1800's with a wonderful ambiance and great pizza! Everyone will enjoy Breitenbach Winery which is Ohio's 2nd largest winery. They have drier wines such as a Cabernet and yet if you name a fruit, they sell a wine that is that fruit flavor and more of a dessert, sweeter wine. Rainbow Hills Winery does dinners on the premises. In the summer months you choose from beef or chicken and they have outdoor grills where you can grill your own meat. They provide the side dishes and a bottle of wine for each couple. In the winter months they have indoor gourmet dinners in a log cabin type setting. There are also wine tasting showrooms such as Gateway Place where you can sample wines from approximately 40 Ohio wineries. What goes better with wine than cheese? Holmes County and the surrounding area has several award winning cheese factories and many, many flavors of cheese that go with all sorts of wines. Some say it is the Amish milk that goes in the cheese making that make the cheese so good, but you can decide for yourself. You will also find weekend packages to celebrate your love for wine. One example of this is that Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast and Olde World Bed & Breakfast have teamed up to offer a mini-tour with a gourmet dinner. You will visit Heini's Gourmet Market in Sugarcreek where everything is made in Ohio, especially their wine & cheese. You will also stop at Pearl Valley Cheese Factory and have the opportunity to sample some cheese. Your ultimate destination is Ravens Glenn Winery where you will receive a winery tour and learn how wine is made, participate in a wine tasting with a souvenir glass, and then indulge in a 5-course gourmet dinner that includes 5 different wines to compliment each course. You won't have to worry about how much wine you sample because they will provide the designated driver with the package. There are 6 dates set up for this tour including special packages for Halloween and Valentines Day.
This article was written by Carol Steffey, Owner of Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast in Millesrburg, Ohio.