Monday, January 19, 2009

Visit Amish Country in Winter

The following poem was written in a guest room journal by Katherine Szerdy from Hudson, Ohio, and is shared with her permission:


Mother-daughter trip
To Garden Gate Get-A-Way
Amish Paradise
Or warm weather escape

Carol, Herb, and Beverly
Have a special knack
For providing a haven --
Go out of way to spoil guests

Take some time to tour
Baltic, Charm, and Sugarcreek,
Millersburg, Berlin, --
You will be forced to slow down
Behind buggy climbing hill

Alongside of road
Rugged old Amish man walks
Lunch pail in hand
In below zero temperatures
Miles to go before he's home

And we Englishers
Have the gall to air complaints
About winter time --
Don't miss out on the lessons
Which old man winter teaches

Slow down, take the time
Look at sparkling snow landscapes
See the horses breath
Hear snow crunch under your feet
Feel the cold tickle your nose

Time to head back home
After Mom-daughter retreat
We'll be back next year
To smell sparkling snowflakes fall
And taste Carol's homemade bread!

Written by guest at Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast in Holmes County Amish Country

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