Thursday, September 24, 2009

Where are the Amish in Holmes County Ohio Amish Country

One comment that bed and breakfast owners in Holmes County, Ohio hear often is, "I spent the whole day in Berlin and didn't see any Amish shops".  If you are planning a trip to Ohio Amish Country you should know that the Amish who have businesses operate them on their farms and homesteads.  You will find everything from candle makers, basket makers, furniture builders, quilt makers, bakeries, general stores, leather belts & purses, and more.  You just have to venture off on the back roads and get off of the State Routes.  The owners at Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast help guests find the Amish.  Just tell them what it is you would like to, quilts, candles, all-of-the-above, etc., and they will map out a route to their favorite Amish-owned businesses.  They can even arrange for you to have dinner in an Amish home.  Many of these businesses offer guests the chance to see the items being made.  Watch and Amish woman hand-dip and carve candles, or another Amish person making brooms or quilts.  If you are not so adventurous to take these maps and venture off on your own, your B&B owners can arrange for an escorted back roads tour.  Many times there are special festivals, auctions and events that will be included on the itinerary.  If you really want to experience Amish Country stay at Garden Gate Get-A-Way B&B.
Written by Carol Steffey, Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast, Millersburg, Ohio (330) 674-7608

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