Monday, July 19, 2010

Ohio Amish Country Getaway with a Twist

If you have taken an Ohio Amish Country getaway in the past chance are you have visited a cheese factory, the chocolate factory, Lehmans Hardware, a flea market, etc.  Let your next getaway include a twist!  Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast, near Berlin, Ohio, offers murder mystery weekends to their guests.  The guests themselves actually play a murder suspect.  How they work is about a month prior to your arrival the innkeepers mail you your character name, character description, and costume suggestion.  When you arrive on a Friday you have dinner on your own and unwind at their nightly campfire while getting to know the other "murder suspects".  After breakfast on Saturday morning, bed and breakfast guests are free to explore Ohio Amish Country.  Meanwhile your innkeepers are converting the breakfast room in to the scene of the murder, complete with props, scene setters, etc.  When you return that evening you enter the room in character.  Each mystery is facilitated by the innkeepers so you don't have to be a professional actor to participate.  The mysteries are played out in rounds and food is served in courses in between each round.  This gives you time to read about what clues you will reveal in the next round or what players you need to accuse of something.  Sometimes you are give specific clues on paper and are prompted to announce them and pass them around to the other suspects.   At the end of the evening the murderer is revealed and awards are passed out for the best actor/actress and best costume.    You can have tons of fun if you want to get really creative with your costume or how you accuse other characters of things.  Depending on how long the murder mystery goes on you may have time to fit in another campfire on Saturday evening.  End your weekend getaway with a leisurely breakfast on Sunday morning before checking out.  The next murder mysteries include Horror in the Haunted Mansion which is around Halloween.  The theme is a Hollywood movie set where horror films are made.  One guest gets to play an actress that lets out the blood-curdling screams in the horror films.  Another plays a monster character.  Another mystery to look forward to is Rung Out in the New Year which will be played out New Year's Eve.  The setting is a New Year's Eve party and the characters include a nurse, an airline stewardess, a Top Gun Naval Officer and more.  If you have a group of 5 couples the innkeepers will set up a murder mystery just for your group.  Otherwise you can watch the website for dates that they offer specific mysteries.  Make your next Ohio Amish Country getaway one with a twist!
Written by Carol Steffey, Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast, Millersburg, Ohio (330) 674-7608

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