Friday, September 30, 2011

Amish Country Inn in Berlin Shares Info on Tis the Season Mario Hausdorfer Glass Ornaments

Book a room at our Amish Country Inn of Berlin the weekend of November 19, 2011.  Tis the Season Christmas Store in Berlin will have Mario Hausdorfer on hand to demonstrate how he makes blown glass Christmas ornaments.
Mario is a decendent of the Hausdorfer Glas Manufaktur, a family owned workshop, from Haselbach where German glass blowing began in 1597.  He is a 5th generation ornament maker.  He watched his family making ornaments as a child and by age 15 he was blowing glass.  The Hausdorfer workshop has the use of over 1000 different molds.
Tis the Season, Ohio's largest year-round Christmas store, has featured Mario Hausdorfer in the past and will have him back on November 19th. You can view a video of Mario making an ornament.  Besides this special event with Hausdorfer you will find every kind of Christmas ornament imaginable, trees, nativity sets, lights, outdoor decorations, and more!
Written by Carol Steffey, Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast, Millersburg, Ohio (330) 674-7608

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

10 Things You Can Buy For Sweetest Day in Amish Country Ohio

There are so many things to do and places to shop that I've come up with my Top 10 Sweetest Day Gifts from Amish Country in Ohio:

  1. Gift Certificate to Getaway in Ohio for a Romantic Weekend
  2. Box of Coblentz Chocolates (Truffles, Caramels, Clusters, etc.)
  3. Wine Gift Basket from Ravens Glenn Winery or Breitenbach Winery
  4. Gourmet Dinner for 2 at Table Restaurant in Millersburg
  5. A Cheese & Trail Bologna Gift Basket from Guggisberg Cheese
  6. Some hand-dipped, hand-carved candles from L & E Star Candles
  7. A Heart-shaped tray or Photo Album from Wendell August Forge
  8. Gift basket of Handmade Soaps, Bath Salts, or Men's Shaving Bars from Amish Country Essentials
  9. One of a kind Garden Art piece from Bowden Bells
  10. Piece of Art from P. Graham Dunn Gallery in Dalton
For more places to shop for Sweetest Day gifts in Holmes County, Ohio, check out our website.

Written by Carol Steffey, Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast, Millersburg, Ohio (330) 674-7608

Monday, September 26, 2011

Get Escorted on Your Next Ohio Amish Country Getaway

As the weather gets colder, and the snow starts to fall, you can get escorted around Holmes County on your next Ohio Amish Country Getaway.  Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast is offering a new tour exclusively for their guests.  It is a "Highlights of Amish Country Tour".  The itinerary includes some of the most popular places in Amish Country such as Tis the Season (Ohio's Largest Year-Round Christmas Store), Coblentz Chocolate Company (Where you can see chocolates being made and purchase some to take home), Carlisle House of Gifts (one of the finest gift shops in the area), Lehmans (originally opened to serve the Amish it offers so many more household and gift items today), Ashery (bulk foods store), Heini's Cheese (one of the largest cheese factories with over 50 samples of cheese), Pleasant View Furniture (an Amish furniture store), and Wendell August Forge (only 2 in the USA and we've got one here).  Some stops may be substituted due to weather or store closures.  The tour is 4 hours in length which allows you time to still visit other places on your own.  Guests have 3 room types to choose from and advance reservations are required for tours/rooms.
Written by Carol Steffey, Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast, Millersburg, Ohio (330) 674-7608

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ohio Cheese is a USA Champion

Holmes County, Ohio and the surrounding area is home of many cheese makers.  One Ohio cheese maker, located in the Doughty Valley Amish community took the United States Grand Champion award in 2011.  In addition they took the Grand Champion award at the 2011 State Fair.  That cheese maker is Guggisberg Cheese.
The original owner, Alfred Guggisberg, studied cheese making in Switzerland starting at age 16.  He moved to the USA in 1947 and became known in the area as an exceptional cheese maker.  He took over an operation known as Doughty Valley Cheese and it became Guggisberg Cheese in 1950.  Their retail store is located on State Route 557 just a couple of miles south of State Route 39/US 62.  Herb & Carol Steffey at Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast send their B&B guests there, especially for Swiss and Baby Swiss cheese.
Guggisberg has been awarded the title of Ohio Grand Champion Cheese Maker several times since 2002.  They have also won awards at the Grand Dairy Expo in 2007 and 2008.  Their next competition will be at the Sugarcreek Swiss Festival on September 30 - October 1, 2011.
Just across the street they have a restaurant, Chalet in the Valley, that is famous for their Swiss specialties such as Cheese Fondue, Schnitzel, Spatzle, and more!  Many of the recipes incorporate Guggisberg Cheese.  This is one of the favorite restaurants of the owners at Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast.  The next time you are in the Doughty Valley, near Charm, Ohio, stop in and check out this exceptional cheese.
Written by Carol Steffey, Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast, Millersburg, Ohio (330) 674-7608

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Choose a Romantic Bed and Breakfast in Ohio for Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day is more than a "Hallmark holiday" and it is coming up on October 15, 2011.  Why not choose a romantic bed and breakfast in Ohio to celebrate with your sweetheart?   Sweetest Day actually dates back to 1922!   Herbert Birch Kingston decided to do something special for local orphans, shut-ins, elderly, and other people that may have felt a little forgotten over holidays or other times of the year.  Kingston worked for a Cleveland, Ohio candy company so he decided to give the gift of candy to these people.  Many local candy makers in Cleveland picked up on Kingston's lead and began giving candy and called it the "Sweetest Day of the Year".  Back then over 10,000 boxes of candy were distributed to over 26 charities in the first year.    As time went by, Sweetest Day became more romance focused to include candy, romantic dinners, flowers, and more.
If you come to Holmes County, Ohio you will find Coblentz Chocolate Company that offers creams, caramels, truffles, clusters, and more!  For Sweetest Day they offer chocolate-dipped strawberries that are absolutely scrumptious!  To make the occasion especially romantic book at room at a bed and breakfast and stay over night.
If you cannot take your sweetheart away for Sweetest Day perhaps you can follow in the foot steps of Herbert Birch Kingston have give some chocolates or candy to some local orphans, shut-ins, or elderly people.  Now you know the history of Sweetest Day.
Written by Carol Steffey, Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast, Millersburg, Ohio (330) 674-7608

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bed and Breakfast in Millersburg Ohio Recommends Antique Festival 2011

The 49th Holmes County Antique Festival is just down the road from a bed and breakfast in Millersburg, Ohio.  There are so many activities you will want to spend 2-3 nights in the area.  In historic downtown Millersburg you will entertain yourself with 2 days of antiques, arts & crafts, demonstrations, food, parades and more.

Saturday, October 8, 2011:
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Antique Market and Arts & Crafts fair
12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Antique and Classic Car Show
1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Entertainment on the Small Stage
3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Entertainment on the Small Stage
4:30 p.m. Antique, Classic Car & Fireman's Parade on Jackson Street
6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Route 62 on the Large Stage

Sunday, October 9. 2011:
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Antique Market and Arts & Crafts fair
12:30 p.m. Lumber Jack Show on the Large Stage
12:30 p.m. - 1:45 p.m. Smokin Fez Monkeys on the Small Stage
2:00 p.m. Grand Parade on Jackson Street

There will be plenty of food, cornhole, queen contests, and other activities to keep you busy.  While you are in town you can visit the many antique shops, Bookworm shop with used books, and Amish Country Essentials for homemade soaps and bath salts.  Take time to walk through the historic village and see all of the architecture and historical monuments/buildings.  Tour the Victorian House Museum that was featured on HGTV and is also haunted according to Ohio's Paranormal Research Group.  Another museum in town is the Millersburg Glass Museum.  Millersburg Glass is a collectors item and even the Queen of England has some Millersburg Glass.
Millersburg, Ohio is in the heart of the world's largest Amish community.  Take some time to visit the Amish-owned businesses, cheese factories, chocolate factory, museums, animal ranches, and other attractions in the are when you visit the Antique Festival.
Written by Carol Steffey, Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast, Millersburg, Ohio (330) 674-7608

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bed and Breakfast Recipes Include Easiest Ever Pumpkin Muffins

Bed and Breakfast Recipes from Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast in Amish Country Ohio include Easiest Ever Pumpkin Muffins:

1/2 c. butter, softened
1 c. sugar
1 1/4 c. canned pumpkin
2 eggs
2 c. flour
2 t. baking powder
1 t. cinnamon
1/2 t. nutmeg
1/4 t. salt
1 c. milk

1/4 c. sugar
1/2 t. cinnamon

Preheat oven to 375
Cream butter, sugar, and pumkin together until smooth.  Add eggs.
In a separate bowl blend flour, baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt.
Add dry ingredients to pumpkin mixture alternatively with milk until just moistened.
Fill muffin papers 3/4 full with batter and sprinkle with topping.
Bake for 20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the middle of a muffin comes out clean.
Written by Carol Steffey, Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast, Millersburg, Ohio (330) 674-7608

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Tradition of Apple Butter Stirring at Holmes County Ohio Amish Tourist Attractions

If you visit Holmes County, Ohio Amish Tourist Attractions in the fall months you will find a tasty annual tradition, Apple Butter Stirring.  One of the first places to offer apple butter stirring is Yoder's Amish Home located at 6050 State Route 515 between Walnut Creek and Winesburg, Ohio.  They start with a 30 gallon copper kettle over an open fire.  You won't believe how many apples go in to a batch this size.  Visitors can have a turn at stirring and try a sample of apple butter.  They offer this on Saturdays, October 1, 8, and 15, 2011.    On the 15th there will be some added events such as pumpkin butter stirring and homemade soap making demonstrations.
This farm was originally an Amish home that was purchased by Eli and Gloria Yoder in 1972.  In 1983 it opened for tours after being renovated.  Eli was raised Old Order Amish and left at the age of 21, so the Yoders are able to share information about how the Amish live with visitors that come to the farm.
When you visit there are various tour options.  There is a barn that dates back to 1885.  You can tour 2 Amish homes (that are no longer occupied) and learn how the Old Order and New Order Amish live.  In one of the homes is a bakery where you may purchase homemade bread, cinnamon rolls, cookies, jam and jelly.  There is also a school house on the property where you will learn all about Amish education which ends with the 8th grade.  You can even take an Amish buggy ride while you are there!  Any visit to Yoder's is both fun and educational but on Apple Butter Stirring days it is even more enjoyable.
Written by Carol Steffey, Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast, Millersburg, Ohio (330) 674-7608

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ohio Bed and Breakfast Suggests Getting 'Fired Up' this Fall

One Ohio bed and breakfast is always looking for new things for guests to visit when they come to Amish Country.  This fall there is one attraction to get 'fired up' about.  That would be Holmes County Pottery.  This business is home to Ohio's largest wood-fired kiln.  It takes 8 days to load the kiln when they want to fire it up.  It is such a huge process that they only fire the kiln 3-4 times per year.  They have been busy working on some new works of art and will host a kiln opening on September 23, 24, and 25, 2011 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  They are located on Country Road 373 in Big Prairie a short way off of State Route 514.  You will find everything from bird houses to ornaments to bowls to lamps, etc.  While you are in Amish Country be sure to visit some of the Amish Cottage industry businesses, cheese factories, chocolate factory, museums, and  art galleries.
Written by Carol Steffey, Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast, Millersburg, Ohio (330) 674-7608

Monday, September 12, 2011

Spice Up Your Life With A Murder Mystery Weekend in Ohio

If you're looking for something different to do on a getaway to beat the boredom of checking in a place with 2 double beds with a nightstand in the middle then consider a murder mystery weekend in Ohio.  At Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast gets actually play a murder suspect complete with costume and a motive!  Starting with New Years Eve 2011 there are some all-new themes to choose from.
December 31st has the theme of a Mediterranean cruise;
January 6-8 is the theme of New York's Little Italy at an Italian Bistro;
February 17-19, a post Valentine mystery, has a wedding theme;
March 2-4 takes you to the setting of a Colorado ski area;
April 13-15 you can put on our hula skirt for this Hawaiian Luau;
May 4-6 we'll take you back to the 1950's for yet another murder mystery.
There is no acting experience necessary to participate.  You will receive your character information in advance and the night of the mystery everything is facilitated by your hosts.  The murder mysteries are played in rounds where you will be served a different course of food during each round.
Visit the website for details and pricing for these Ohio Amish Country getway packages.
Written by Carol Steffey, Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast, Millersburg, Ohio (330) 674-7608

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fall is the Perfect Season for Romantic Getaways in Ohio

Fall colors, fall harvest, hot spiced cider, etc., make the perfect time for romantic getaways in Ohio.  When the air is cool and crisp grab your sweetheart and head off to an Ohio bed and breakfast for a romantic weekend.  Relax in a Jacuzzi tub, sip some wine in front of a fireplace, and go for a stroll to take in the fall colors.  During the day take a drive to watch farm fields being harvested and see the leaves changing colors in the trees as you head toward an Ohio winery to do some wine tasting.  Stop by one of the local restaurants and try some homemade soup or some comfort food for dinner.  End the day sitting around a campfire and sip on some wine that you purchased during the day.  Keep in mind that Fall is a busy time for lodging, restaurants and attractions in Ohio so make advance reservations before you go.
Written by Carol Steffey, Garden Gate Get-A-Way Bed & Breakfast, Millersburg, Ohio (330) 674-7608